Build your dream cake

CakeServer helps you design your dream cake at the price you want. To do this, you build your cake in our handy 3D modelling platform. When you're done, submit it - CakeServer will source quotes from bakers for you! Then you can review each baker's quote and accept whichever one suits you best.

As you can see, the three main things you need to know how to do are:

  1. Design your cake
  2. Submit an order
  3. Review quotes and book it in

1. Design your cake

The first step is to click on "Build Your Cake" in our navigation menu.

Customer designing Cake step 1 desktop
Navigation on desktop
Customer designing Cake step 1 mobile
Navigation on mobile

The app will guide you through selecting your base style of cake, the number of tiers you want, and how many servings. Don't worry - you can change this all later if you want!

Customer designing Cake step 2
The style selection screen
Customer designing Cake step 3
The tier and servings screen

Once you've finished selecting your base style, you will see the design screen. Your cake will load in the middle of the screen, and you can start making changes.

On desktop, all the change options are available in the right options menu. On mobile, you will first need to click "Make Changes" to see the options menu.

Customer designing Cake step 4 desktop
Design view on desktop
Customer designing Cake step 4 mobile
Design view on mobile

The first set of options you will see lets you change all the choices you made during the setup process.

The second set of options lets you select your desired cake flavour, filling, and icing. Changing these options usually will not change the appearance of your cake. However, changing the icing may change the colour of your cake.

Customer designing Cake step 5
Cake changes
Customer designing Cake step 6
Changes to all tiers

Finally, the fun part! For each teir in your cake, you will see a set of options that let you change the decorations, colour, and edging on your cake.

As you make changes, your cake will automatically update, as will our estimate. If you make a lot of big changes, it may take some time for the cake to update.

If you are on mobile, you will need to click "View Cake" to see the changes.

Please be aware that not all options are available on all cake styles. Cakes with "White Fondant" icing, for example, don't let you pick a colour (they're always white), and "Buttercream" icing is always smooth-edged.

Customer designing Cake step 7
Adding tier-specific decorations
Customer designing Cake step 8 mobile
View Cake button to see changes (mobile only)

2. Submit an order

To submit a design you've created and start getting quotes from bakers, first check the detailed estimate by clicking the "Your Estimate" tab at the top of the design screen.

Customer placing Order step 1 desktop
Estimates tab on desktop
Customer placing Order step 1 mobile
Estimates tab on mobile

Once you have reviewed the estimate breakdown and agreed to the terms and conditions, hit "Submit Quote". You will need an account to proceed - login if you have one already, otherwise register a new account!

Customer placing Order step 2
Estimate details and terms
Customer placing Order step 3
Create an account or login

Next we will check your contact details and ask for any allergies the bakers need to be aware of when making your cake.

Customer placing Order step 4
Customer placing Order step 5

Lastly, we need the delivery details of where the cake is going. This determines what bakers are notified of the order and where it will be delievered and setup, so we strongly recommend putting in your venue address (not your home address).

If you have any additional information to provide the bakers, add it under "More Information" and click "Bake it!"

Customer placing Order step 6
Customer placing Order step 7

You will see a confirmation screen. You can click "My Orders" to confirm it has gone through, but be aware that bakers will need some time to quote.

Customer placing Order step 8

3. Review quotes and book it in

To review quotes, log into your account and click "Pending Orders". You will see a list of all cakes you have submitted for quotes. If you're not sure which cake is which, click "View Cake Design" to see it. Otherwise, click "View Details" to see quotes bakers have submitted.

Customer accepting Quote step 1
Pending orders list

On the order details page, you will see an overview of the cake you submitted. At the bottom under "Quotes" will be a list of quotes from bakers. Click "View Quote" for more information.

Customer accepting Quote step 2
Order details page and quote list

In the quote details page, you will see an overview of the quote - which baker submitted it, how much they've quoted, and what they have included. You can view more details about the baker - including any images they have uploaded - by clicking "View Baker".

If you are happy with the quote and the baker, you can lock it in by clicking "Accept Quote" and paying the deposit.

Customer accepting Quote step 3
Quote details page

Once your deposite has been received, you order will move to the "Acting Orders" tab. The baker will be in contact with you to discuss your order and organising payment for the outstanding amount.

Customer accepting Quote step 4
Active orders list