Customers and costs estimates, straight to you

CakeServer connects you with potential customers, while reducing the amount of time spent quoting and designing. If you're interested in seeing what a customer experiences as they work on CakeServer, check out our Getting Started for Customers guide.

As a baker, the three things you need to know how to do are:

  1. Setup your account
  2. Accepting orders
  3. Receiving payment

1. Setup your account

If you haven't already, you can start by registering for a baker account. The first screen you will see upon logging in is your Account settings screen.

The "Account Information" column provides CakeServer with the contact details we use to notify you of orders, or if you need support. All fields in this section are required.

The second column is the "Update Password" column. If you are not changing your password, you can leave these fields blank.

Baker account Setup step 1
The Account Settings screen.

The next screen is the Baker Settings screen. This screen allows you to modify your baker profile on the CakeServer website.

The "Business Details" and "Business Address" columns are the contact details provided to the customer when they accept your quote, so ensure they are up to date!

The "Business Profile" column provides the information for your publicly viewable profile on the Our Bakers page. When you submit a quote to a customer, they will be given a link to your profile. We strognly recommend writing an engaging description and uploading images of your cakes to promote your business.

A few things to consider when uploading images:

  • If you do not supply a profile image, a default CakeServer logo will be used instead
  • All images must have a filesize of 2MB or less
  • Images are uploaded and public immediately - you do not have to click "Save".
Baker account Setup step 2
The Baker Settings screen.

Your baker profile image will be the first image customers see of your bakery, so it is important to get it right. Your profile image should be a square of 520px width, with the main logo or content inside a "safe-zone" of 400px. Below is a handy guide image.

Baker img guide
Baker guide image

Finally, the "Service Areas" screen allows you to select what areas you service. On account creation, we automatically create a service area of 50km around your business address. You can drag and drop the mark on the map to change where the service area is centered, and increase or reduce the radius input to change how far out you service.

This is one of the most important parts of your account as a baker. When a customer places an order on CakeServer that falls within one of your service areas, you will be notified by email and be able to access them in the "Pending Orders" screen.

You can add up to 10 service areas.

Baker account Setup step 3
The Service Areas screen.

2. Accepting orders

To begin quoting and accepting orders, move to the Pending Orders screen. This screen shows a list of all unexpired orders that have been placed that fall within one of your service areas. On the left, we show the CakeServer estimate that was calculated for the customer at the time they submitted the order. On the right, you can view the design of the cake, or click "View Details" for more information and submit a quote.

Baker accepting Orders step 1
The Pending Orders screen.

The Order Details screen lets you review details of the order, including the occasion, due date, delivery address, and more. Make sure you review this information carefully and examine the design the customer submitted prior to placing your quote.

Once you are ready to place a quote, move to the bottom of the screen. Some simple options let you check on or off what is included in your price. You will notice that the default value for the quote is the same as the CakeServer estimate, but you can increase or decrease this price as necessary.

Baker accepting Orders step 2
The Order Details screen.

Once you have a submitted a quote, it will appear in the Pending Orders screen. You can still access the Order Details screen to review your quote and the order details, but you will not be able to make any changes.

The order will be removed from this screen under one of two conditions:

  • The customer accepts another baker's quote on the order; or
  • The customer accepts your quote, in which case the order will now appear on the Active Orders screen.
Baker accepting Orders step 3
The Submitted Quotes screen.

Finally, if the customer accepts your quote, it will move to your Active Orders screen. There you will see a deadline, a link to the original design, and a link back to the Order Details screen for this order. As with the Submitted Quotes screen, you cannot make any changes to the data in this section.

Baker accepting Orders step 4
The Active Orders screen.

3. Receiving payment

To accept an quote, a customer must pay a deposit to CakeServer. From this deposit, we take our small slice and send the rest on to you, the baker.

If CakeServer hasn't sent you a payment before, we will contact you by phone to setup your payment details in our system. We do it this way to reduce fraudulent activity and to ensure the maximum security of your details.

Once you've been setup, future payments will be made to the same bank account. If you need to change your bank account details, please contact us at

IMPORTANT: CakeServer currently only takes a deposit from customers. They are informed that the remaining balance of the order is payable 4 weeks prior to delivery, or immediately if the order is within 4 weeks. Using the details we provide, you will need to contact them directly to arrange this payment.