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About CakeServer

At CakeServer we want to make designing and ordering cakes as easy as possible.

By allowing you to design your own cakes using our design platform you don’t have to visualise it – you can see your design in 3D and if you don’t like it - change it! No need to go back and forth with a caker and tweak designs.

Estimates updates as you design so you can keep track of costs and stick to a budget.

At CakeServer we are helping cake artist build sustainable business by getting them in touch with people who want gorgeous customised cakes.

What sort of cakes do you make?

All custom cakes! Birthdays, engagements, weddings, Wednesdays... Currently we have 4 templates to chose from but as our client base expands so will our selections. If there is a style or something you are wanting in particular please sent us an email.

Who are your bakers?

CakeServer has a host of cakers, some of our cakers have won awards for their art. It is a requirement that they are legitimate, registered food safe businesses. You can see a full list of our cakers here.

How can I order a cake?

Go to our cake builder and begin designing! Once you are happy with your design, review our estimate and proceed to the order screen.

For help with the cake builder, visit our handy-dandy help guide.

Can I design from my mobile?

Yes! The set out is a little different to account for screen size but you can design and receive estimates online if you have internet connection.

Do wedding cakes cost more?

Yes and no.

No – CakeServer doesn’t apply any additional fee for wedding cakes.

However, wedding cakes usually have a tasting included in the price as well as a delivery and set up fee. Consequently, our cakers may quote more for wedding cakes.

The "to-be wed" don’t have time on their wedding day to see to these types of things and wedding cakes are usually larger and difficult to transport completed. So yes, there are additional charges because you get more bang for your buck.

The cake arrives safe, the couple is happy, and new MIL isn’t in trouble for braking too hard with a cake in the car!

When should I book my cake?

To give maximum availability for your preferred baker the earlier the better. Cakes are not considered booked in until the deposit is paid. You will receive confirmation from CakeServer when you book.

Can I change my order after I have paid a deposit?

After you have paid you deposit with CakeServer we will connect you with your baker and any changes to the cake can be discussed with them. CakeServer cakers are professionals, but not magicians. If you have major changes please give plenty of notice. Final payment is usually requested 4 weeks prior to delivery so all designs should be finalised by then.

The quotes are different to the CakeServer estimate

CakeServer provides you an estimate, a rough guide to assist you in budgeting for your custom cake. Every caker has their own pricing and overheads and while we do try to get as close as possible, we do not wish to infringe on their autonomy by dictating costs.

Will the cake look like the design?

Our cakers strive to match your design as closely as possible. However, just as each rose is slightly different, so too are cakes. Every caker has their styles and will do their best to provide you with the cake you have selected.

Want a different style?

We have just launched and have used the top trending cakes. If you are wanting different flowers, use the roses potion and let us know using the "More Info" box when placing your order so we can let our bakers know.

We are looking to expand our range so if there is a style or something you are wanting in particular please sent us an email.