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Why are you doing this?

To help bakers create sustainable businesses without the stress of trying to justify prices, losing time and money on quotes that don’t go anywhere.

How much will this cost me?

All subscription fees are suspended for 2019, with annual fee of $100 starting in 2020. CakeServer will take a percentage of each cake sold, based on the CakeServer generated estimate. Any up-selling you make on the cake, such as additional features, toppers, or special recipes, will not be factored into this and will all go to you.

Do I have to be registered business?

Yes. CakeServer will only send out clients requests to bakers who are registered business with food safe approved kitchens and insurance.

Do I have to agree to the estimate you provided?

No. You may use our system to put in your own costs. However, we are putting a limit on no less than 20% of quoted price to prevent severe undercutting.

How will I distinguish my skills apart from other bakers?

Every baker will have a profile on our site where they can let potential clients know about what make them special - organic, vegan, allergy-friendly, locally-sourced ingredients. Users will also see photos of your CakeServer portfolio and reviews.

Disputes over reviews

Wedding cakes or cakes with more than 1 layer we encourage to be delivered to avoid client disappointment. Please take photos of cakes prior to handing over to your client and upload it to the project folder. This will ensure evidence for any disputes.

What if I am unavailable?

No worries! You are not obligated to quote on every cake you are sent. The more cakes you do quote on means you are more likely to get cake jobs, but we all have our busy times and holidays.

If you are unavailable for a date for a cake or it is not a cake style you feel comfortable doing, just let us know so we can make a note to not send follow up emails.