Build Your Cake using CakeServer (Step-by-Step)

Go to and click "Build Your Cake".

Home page

Select Your Style Template

Four templates to choose from Classic, Naked, Rustic or Drip.

Don't worry you are not locked in here - its just a way of getting started - you can completely change everything to suit you!

To find out more information on styles see Blog post (link here)

How Big is Your Event?

Servings change depending on the size of your cake.

CakeServer bases servings on tea portions that means 1inch by 1inch servings this is maximum portions you can get out of a cake. It is good for if you have provided dessert (ie a wedding).

Your Starter Cake

Your Starter Cake

You have reached your starter cake. (it might take awhile for the first cake to come up)Top of the screen you have your estimate.

Bottom of the screen the make changes button

Now You Can Change Everything!

Make Changes Page

Hitting the make changes button in the bottom left you will see Cake builder tabs.

First Some Admin

This can be done last but its at the top so let start here.

Note: CakeServer doesn't apply a mark up for wedding cakes - see FAQ wedding tax for more information

Please write down any allergies

´╗┐Lets Build Your Cake

Change Your Mind as much as you like

Here you can change the style and the servings

Delivery is set up so any cake bigger than a 2 tier will be delivered by the baker - and will be in your quote email.

Play with Your Cake

Top Middle and Bottom layers

You start at the default positions - but can change everything!

Your Cake Flavour Options

This flavour is the actual cake part of the cake

Your Cake Fillings

Filling - this is what goes between the layers

There are some conditions on this as some fillings wont be stable enough to go under fondant - but don't worry we have got you covered.

Icing - or covering

Icing - this is what covers the outside of the cak.

Note: If you have fondant using a filling like ganache or buttercream is used to layer on top of.

Drip Drip Drip

Topper - Drip options

Your Decoration Options

Decorations - Where you can select for you preferred decorations.

Like What You See? Lets Get Your Quotes!

Get quotes from local bakers by tapping on your estimate.

Click on "Your Estimate"

Check the i agree to the T&Cs

Click "Request A Quote"!

What Happens Now?

You will receive an email stating that we have received you cake design and we are sending to local bakers. Local bakers will get back to you with quotes.