CakeServer has been created to help you design your own sugar masterpiece for your special event!

Get that idea out into the world in colour and 3D so our talented cake artists can see what you see in your head.

Sometimes the hardest part of any interaction is describing what you see in your head to other people, especially when you might not know the right words. I mean, I’m known for saying "You know, the thingy, it’s next to the other thingy". Super helpful description, I know.

But here is CakerServer.

You can use one of our standard templates to build your own custom cake, change sizes (so you’re not paying for cake you don't eat), flavours, styles and decorations!

Best thing is, we give you an estimate as you build so you can keep in budget.

If you have never bought a custom cake before - they are hand made usually by a small business of up to a handful of dedicated artists. They dream of cakes they’d love to do or practise new styles. But you can't live on cake and dreams alone (though you may try) so we connect them to you using our platform.

All our bakers are registered, food safe, legitimate small businesses.

CakeServer is an Australian business founded by cake artist, engineer and CEO Jade Ryan in Newcastle NSW with the initial aim of reducing her own 3am gum paste and fondant driven madness by improving quotation and time management. We’re a small team of dedicated staff working with local businesses across Australia.